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Streaming Stick Plus not connecting

It will connect, only after doing a factory reset, If powered off, it will not connect until I do a factory reset again.
I have another older unit that connects fine, even after powering off. Just the streaming stick has this issue.
I bypassed my firewall, and that seemed to help. But I still have to re-connect it each time it is powered off, just not factory reset.
I want it behind my firewall. I have tried binding MAC to IP in firewall settings, no luck. I am at my wits end. Any help very appreciated.

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Re: Streaming Stick Plus not connecting

Saw your post about not connecting with your Streaming Stick Plus.  Did you resolve your problem?  Search for my recent post - could be same problem.  My ISP connection crashed one night and all 4 of my new Streaming Stick Pluses failed to reconnect. Tried the usual power off of the modem/router and the Sticks but the only thing that worked was a factory reset of the Streaming Sticks and re-doing the initial setup.  After doing this multiple times I noticed that sometimes it would give an error message saying that the connection to the network failed BUT it was connected and I could use the Stick to access various channels.  Strange - so I ran a "Check Connection" and it failed BUT the Stick was still connected and worked fine.  So it appears that there is something causing the Stick to get confused about its connection status. I have an ActionTec C1000A modem/router from CenturyLink using VDSL2.  There are many complaints about these routers and people are quick to blame all their troubles on them.  I'm replacing this rented modem/router with a Motorola MD1600 in a week or so and I'll see if that solves the problem.  Meanwhile, if you have the time, try to run a "Check Connection" from the Settings/Network menu while your Stick is up and running on the Internet.  Does it Pass or Fail?
Thanks, richard
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