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Streaming Stick+ Cuts Off All Display Right After Roku Logo Appears

I bought this streaming stick+ a few weeks ago. When I plug everything in to the outlet and the tv, the LED shines normally and I see the Roku logo displayed onscreen. However as soon as the Roku logo disappears, the LED starts to blink (once, over and over, not twice as if it was a wifi issue) and the display cuts out completely. I reboot the stick, and the exact same thing happens. I have tried restarting my router, plugging the stick into other TVs, other HDMI inputs, plugging the usb into the TV port, everything I can think of. Nothing works, it shows the roku logo and then nothing. I can’t even start to set it up because no setup screen will display at all. I am beyond frustrated and have no idea what to do. I assumed at first it was my **bleep** tv but even after getting a new tv the same thing happens. I can’t figure anything out.

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Re: Streaming Stick+ Cuts Off All Display Right After Roku Logo Appears

Even though it's new, I'd still try a factory reset.  Sticks have either a reset button or a pinhole to access the reset button with something like a paperclip.  Find the button or pinhole (usually along an edge) and with everything connected press and hold the reset button for no less than 30 seconds ignoring anything happening onscreen.

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