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Streaming Pauses often on 3800X Streaming Stick

I have a newer 3800X Streaming stick I bought 2 months ago that just started to pause streaming for Amazon Prime and Xfinity Stream channels, I use no other channels.

OS Release: 9.3.0 build 4194-55

Network Check is Successful; Signal Strength is Excellent and Internet Download Speed is Good - 33Mbps (5GHz Wireless Channel 153).

I've already tried to remove the Channels and re-Add them - it's made no difference.

I have a second device, another 3800X same OS Release 9.3.0, I use in another room which is further away from my Home Gateway and is over 1 year old. If I swap this 2nd 3800X Stick to the TV with my newer problem 3800X Stick, it works fine. In fact the older 3800X stick gets Excellent Signal Strength and Internet Download Speed of 57Mbps (5GHz Wireless Channel 153). Way better than the newer stick in same physical location.

I've gone through and re-Connected it to the Wireless network and had it move to the 2.4GHz network (Wireless Channel 11) - same issue.

Are there any other configurations that need investigated?

Is it possible the newer Stick is having a hardware issue?

Any diagnostics available to run on these devices?

Please let me know what other information may be needed to help resolve this issue.

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