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Some assistance in making some choices for an upgrade to the Roku Express+

I was afraid of seeing these kind of messages...

My question is really about a NetGear AC1200 Wifi Router and it's compatibility with the Roku Express+. The specs are down below in this post.

Currently I'm on a Roku IIxs (wired Ethernet aDSL .78/2Mb) and old TV. Roku is dropping support for it this month.

I went ahead and ordered the Express+ with the 50% deal just to have it. But now have to find a way to get my Ethernet sped up at the ISP and turned into Wifi here in the house.

Was comparing a $40 NetGear Wifi router (AC750) and a $55 (AC1200) to do the job. The reviews on the cheaper one are horrible, so for 15 bucks more I will get the AC1200.

Just need to be sure it will work with the Roku Express+.

Here's the specs given:

NETGEAR AC1200 Dual Band Smart WiFi Router, 5-port Gigabit Ethernet (R6120)
802.11ac; 2.4Ghz; 5Ghz
United States

The NETGEAR AC1200 Dual Band WiFi Router delivering AC WiFi speed 3x faster than older standards. This router offers improved performance and wireless coverage for your entire home. Get the speed you need for smooth HD streaming and online gaming throughout your home, through a secure and reliable connection to the Internet.

Compatible with next generation WiFi devices, this router is also backward compatible with 802.11 a/b/g/n devices.

AC1200 WiFi - 300 + 867 Mbps speeds; AC WiFi compatible with current and future WiFi devices; Works with all N150, N300, N600 and AC device; Create a powerful home network with lag-free multi-player online gaming & HD streaming; Nighthawk App - Easily set up your router and get more out of your WiFi.

But now looking at the problems everyone is having with low wifi signal after the latest ROKU update 9.2 or something, has me questioning going any further at the moment.

How do I know after getting this stuff purchased and even if I can get my network speeds boosted from the ISP at a higher cost if it's going to even work.

I may get the router anyway for other reasons besides the new Roku device, but can someone tell me if this model NetGear AC 1200 is a good unit match for the Roku Express+ ?

It's really irritating to have to upgrade so much just to use a device for streaming like this. Especially since I have long since cut the cord from cable/satellite ransom companies.

You see. I live out in the boonies. I'm held hostage by a local coop phone company as an ISP, they have higher speeds for my aDSL, at higher cost of course. They do have Fiber coming in, and I could get a 10x increase for just $10 more a month going to it if it was just a little bit closer to my house.

So typical living away from big cities.

I know. I'm rambling... Sorry. Smiley Tongue

Anyone tell me if the AC1200 is a good fit?


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Re: Some assistance in making some choices for an upgrade to the Roku Express+

The 1200 is a more capable router, no doubt. Wifi is a site specific issue, so many things can affect it (walls, other electronics, building materials, distance, other nearby wifi, router location etc). 

To stream in today's world you'll want a network performing at LEAST 4 to 5 mbps. Ideally double that. I'm rural myself but lucky to have cable internet and get 115 mbps. 


"I might be moving to Montana soon..."
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Re: Some assistance in making some choices for an upgrade to the Roku Express+

Thank you for the response and info.

This will be my first real venture into wifi territory...

yeah, I know I'm way behind the times. Smiley Very Happy

Researching the AC 1200 shows 2 band (2.4 and 5 ghz)

I realize the Express+ is only the 2.4 so I wanted to make sure that it would be compatible with the AC 1200, but the documentation seems to say it supports 802.11 a/b/g/n devices.

I will likely get one here shortly, but still have to increase my incoming speed at the house.

They have a 50/50 Fiber package for $10 more a month than this bottom level aDSL I am at. Problem is I don't think it's close enough to my home yet. Closest is about half a mile.

Hoping for some good news. Smiley Very Happy

If nothing else a new aDSL modem will get me 5 mbps at this level, from the .78/2 I am at currently.

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Re: Some assistance in making some choices for an upgrade to the Roku Express+

You can probably just not activate the 5ghz band in the router settings, or use it to connect other devices that you have so as to leave the roku sole access on the 2.4 ghz.

"I might be moving to Montana soon..."
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Re: Some assistance in making some choices for an upgrade to the Roku Express+

So I thought it appropriate to update this question.

I finally got around to installing the Roku Express+ and the AC 1200 I bought at the beginning of the year.

Still on the **bleep** slow aDSL, but the Express+ and AC 1200 work flawlessly. Thank you for the assistance in deciding.

I was hoping to get a second Express+ (with composite out) for the upstairs old set since wifi is working great throughout the house.

Come to find out Roku doesn't have them in stock any more. So in doing a little digging I am appalled at the Price Scalping these guys on eBay and Amazon are doing with these units. charging $80-$100 for a retail $30 unit.

Bidding on a used unit but even it will approach retail price if I even win the bid.

So my question is, if I get the HDMI out only version, I can use the HDMI to AV converters without issue?

I was curious about automatic detection 720/1080 since all the Roku device will see is the HDMI cable?

If this will work then I will go that route for the TV upstairs.

Any insight (aside from jokes about buying new TV's and other equipment) are welcomed.

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