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(Solved) Roku not connecting to network or internet

I bought a Roku stick last year March, installed it and everything was fine up until a few days ago when I saw that I had no connection to the network.

For what ever reason, Roku suddently couldn't connect to my wireless network. 
I tried logging back in, but I kept getting a message: "verify that you have selected the correct wireless network" and "If you do not see your wireless network, select "scan again" to see all networks, or my "network password is case sensitive", yadda yadda yadda.

I searched online for possible issues, and none of them worked.
I reset my Roku to factury default, I moved my router closer, I set my router to factory default, I tried adding the Roku Mac address to my router, I tried adding Roku to my router DMZ, I added static DNS 1 to 8888 and set DNS 2 to 8844 as prescribed by another forum. I unplugged both the router and the Roku overnight.
Nothing was working, and this was getting old. I bought a new Roku.
...and upon installing it, it still didn't connect to my wifi.
So I put my router back where it used to be, put the new Roku back in the box to return it, plugged my old Roku back in to the T.V., and thought of a new plan.

This is what I did:
I reset my wireless router (again) back to factory condition, but I DID NOT install the router software (just yet) - making my network "open", or "not secure" - and nameless other than "Linksys". (I wanted to see if my Roku could connect to an open network.)
I went back to the T.V., started the Roku "set up" process again.
My router uses duel band, and I saw both them, and I checked to see if my Roku would connect to either one of those or both, - and it did!
...although, the Roku still DID NOT connect to the internet.
...but this was a good sign anyway.

I THEN went back to my computer and finished installing my router, making it secure.
Then I went back to the T.V with the Roku, refreshed visible networks and saw my secure network listed and (for the hundredth time) tried to connect to it.
...and it magically logged in and updated itself.
In a nutshell, if you can't connect your Roku to your wireless wifi network, it's the router's fault. In my case, I had to reset the router to factory a few times before Roku could connect properly.

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Re: (Solved) Roku not connecting to network or internet

It can be a mystery. Yesterday I was installing one of my older units at a family members home. Factory reset roku, connected right up, downloaded an update, and rebooted. No connection. Would not connect. Rebooted router, nothing helped. Went to another wifi access point in next room, also a family member and it connected. Went back to first network and this time it connected. Weird.
"I might be moving to Montana soon..."
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