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Samsung Note20 | Samsung Dex Screencast

Does Anyone know or have Explicit experience with :
Note20 screencast | 'Will Samsung Dex work Wirelessly from my Samsung Note20 as {Samsung claims this works with a SmartTv} with my Roku's 'all models' as both TVs are only smart TVs with Roku's as receivers "as inputs"would have to be iniated by Roku" ?

Also, How does Roku Add a wireless Bluetooth keyboard as well ?

Appreciate everyone's input and guidance immeasurably..Thx Alot ??? Kindly,

#samsungdex #samsung #note20 #screencast #wireless #smarttv #productuvity #samsungnote20 #galaxy

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Level 8

Re: Samsung Note20 | Samsung Dex Screencast

I have the Note 10+ with the update for wireless Dex. I can select wireless Dex from my quick links menu and it shows my options as my Samsung TV and my Roku. Is your Note20 on the same network as your Roku?
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