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Ruko Express won't connect to my new Verizon Orbic Speed Hot Spot

I have a Ruko Express and I set it up with my old Verizon Jet Pack and it worked fine, but we had some issues with having enough power to get it connected at first. But we did and it was working fine. In the end we decided to get a newer Verizon Orbic Speed Hot Spot so we would have more power and would not loose our WIFI connection. The problem is the Ruko Express will not connect with the New Verizon Orbic Speed Hot Spot. Does anyone know if I just need to upgrade something in the system? I can not contact Ruko for assistance and Verizon tried to help me but they are flummoxed as well. They do not understand why the two devices won't connect My Ruko Express has 2.4Ghz WiFi and so does the Verizon Hot spot the hot spot can also do 5GHz. Anyone, someone, help.Unfortunately, the pandemic has made it almost impossible to speak to anyone to help at Ruko.

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