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Roku3 WIFI Interference - simple work-around

I have an atypical WIFI setup that suffers from the Roku 3 networking issue. The WIFI router is upstairs on channel 11. I have a power-line WIFI/ethernet access point downstairs in the living room on WIFI channel 6 for improved coverage (including an Amazon Echo). The Roku 3 is using an ethernet connection to the access point. When the Roku boots up, it detects the nearby channel 6 access point and inserts itself on channel 6 as well. Devices in the living room (like the Echo, phones, etc.) frequently suffer from a poor WIFI connections and slower speeds.

The solution I use is to change my power-line access point to channel 1 and reboot the Roku. The Roku will come up on channel 1. Then I change the power-line access point to channel 6. That's it. That leaves me with Roku on 1, access point on 6, and router on 11. My problem is solved until the Roku is rebooted. When a reboot occurs, rinse and repeat.

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