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Roku wont connect to internet

I have three Roku devices and none will connect to the internet. I have my laptop,  etc all connected to internet. Internet signal is strong and I have reset internet many times. Nothing, it cannot find my internet. I have reset each device, moved them to different TV's and nothing. This just happened in the last two days. Very frustrating,  If it doesnt get fixed I am switching from Roku to a Fire Stick. 

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Re: Roku wont connect to internet

Need to know which model Roku players you have. Not just their name, but their model number. If your wireless is only using the 5 GHz band, many Roku devices won't work on it. And if the 5 GHz channel is using what is known as a DFS channel, even dual band Roku devices won't see the wireless.


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Re: Roku wont connect to internet

I have the same problem in Colorado Springs.  Yesterday, both Roku sticks worked fine.  Today, neither Roku stick can see my wireless network.  I've rebooted the router and restarted the Roku sticks but no luck.  Interestingly, Roku did an update yesterday...

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Re: Roku wont connect to internet

I am having the same problem. It all started when I wanted to start casting a program app from my iPhone to my tv through the Roku.  So I contacted the company to find out if it was something with their app.  They suggested that it may be my router and modem so I called Spectrum today.  it was running slow so they suggested I pick up a new router and modem which I did, then my Roku3 (which it looks like you don't even support or offer any longer) wouldn't connect to the internet.  It found the router (which is running on 2.4 Ghz, I checked already).  My computer and iPhone are currently connected to my network.  So I went and purchased a Roku Express, model number 3930X thinking that maybe the Roku3 was to old.  This Roku express can find my network, but it won't connect to the internet.  I get code 009, I have restarted the Roku several times and it won't get past not finding my internet.  Very frustrated

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