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Roku won't work with CenturyLink router

I cannot get my Roku to connect to my CenturyLink C1900A router. I read on this forum of people having issues with CenturyLink's Calix router, but the settings they changed on there aren't on my Actiontec router. Has anyone had the same issue? And has anyone found a solution? I can't find what setting to change to get this to work. 

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Re: Roku won't work with CenturyLink router

I turned the WiFi off in my Actiontec long ago. I have major heat issues with them, so it eases the load by removing that source of heat. Instead I have a router configured as a Wireless Access Point inside my home. This not only removes any issue with the Actiontec (which I think is a miserable piece of equipment) and gives me not only faster WiFi (5 GHz 802.11AC) but a 4 port Gigabit switch as well. 
One possible problem might be if you have special characters in your wireless password, such as * & # or others. Roku doesn't seem to like those very well. 
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