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Roku won't reconect to WIFI on it's own

Having a little trouble with my Roku.  I have been searching the forums and google.. but can't find an answer.


So I have a Roku Express+.  I have entered my WIFI info into it and it connected fine a few days ago.  I was watching some shows on it a few days ago.  I also updated the software on it a few days ago so I know it's running the latest version of the software.


My issue is that it won't reconnect to the WIFI by itself if I unplug it and then plug it back in.  I normally use the phone app with this Roku and since it won't reconnect to the WIFI automatically the phone app won't see it. I have to grab the other remote (which is at a different location) and manually reconnect the WIFI (it still has the WIFI name and password already in the unit). I just hit connect in the menu and it re-connects without any problems.

Why do I have to manually re-connect it to the WIFI.  Shouldn't it automatically reconnect when it's plugged back in?  It has the WIFI name and password stored on it.. so I'm confused why it won't reconnect without me going into the menu and forcing it to reconnect.


Any help on this one?  Thanks.

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