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Roku wireless speakers continually losing connection with Roku TV

I too am having the same issue as someone previously posted, but apparently got no resolution. So, yes, this topic has been posted before, but no, I have not found an answer to solve the problem.

I had a set of Roku wireless speakers I loved and had no issues with, but I moved them to a vacation rental property. The new set, however, disconnects from the TV every couple of minutes and then reconnects after another minute (so the sound switches from the wireless to speakers, the to the speakers on my Roku TV). I've tried disabling DFS Channels on my Verizon Gateway router, and issue still persists (The TV is on a wireless network).

There is something Verizon has called a "Self Organizing Network" that can be turned on and off. Problem with turning it off, is that our WIFI extenders will no longer work (we have 3 of them). So turning that off is not even an option (not that it's causing the issue anyway, but wanted to mention it). You can google it, if you're unfamiliar with the technology.

So to recap, I had a set of Roku wireless speakers I loved and had no issues with, but moved them to another property. The new, replacement set I bought do no work correctly, because they continually disconnect from the TV. I know for sure it's not the wireless dropping out, because the TV continues to play (which is also wireless). That means it's an issue with the speakers staying connected to the TV. Again, both are Roku products.


And yes, I made sure the software was updated on the TV and the speaker, prior to linking them. I'm going to pack them up and return them, which is quite a hassle and very disappointing.

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