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Roku using all UPSTREAM bandwidth

I have several Roku boxes on my network. They work fine, but I have issues with the boxes flooding the network on the UPSTREAM side. I have a 25/mbs down 2/mbs up connection. The boxes are KILLING the upstream side. Checking the web activity shows that a single Roku is making dozens of calls out to the internet every few seconds. This makes web browsing and gaming painful. There is anywhere between a few seconds to 15-20 seconds of lag between submitting a request out to a site and receiving results. The inbound side has no issues.

I have manually set the bitrate on the Rokus to 1/mbs and generally only one box is running at a time. Anyone have any ideas on a way to resolve this?

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Re: Roku using all UPSTREAM bandwidth

What model number are you using?  I'm not seeing this on my end.
C. Shawn Smith
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