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Roku update caused manual bit rate configuration to switch back to automatic without telling me

Earlier this year I set the streaming bit rate for my Roku Streaming Stick (3600 series)  and Roku Premiere+ (4630 series)  # devices to 3.5 Mbps to help manage my streaming data consumption rate because many of the apps will default to the highest definition video which is larger in size and forces me to use more data than I necessarily want. In a perfect world where my ISP didn't cap my monthly data usage this wouldn't be an issue and I would leave Roku's streaming bit rate configuration at "Automatic". But that isn't the world we live in; rather we have negligent or corrupt oversight committees and departments, and overly capitalistic, nearly monopolistic service providers who treat data as if it were precious resource when in reality it is infinitely abundant.

My issue with Roku is that at some point between the end of September 2020 and October 2020 my settings changed back to the default "Automatic" setting. I suspect this was caused by an update sometime on the 10/26/2020 or 10/27/2020. As a result of this change I exceeded my monthly data limit which has cost me money beyond my monthly budget. I called my service provider and they informed me that all month in October my data rate is pretty low, except on the 27th where I mysteriously consumed over 300GB in one day! I did not choose to do that, nor is it an accident on my part by actively downloading too many large files. This was caused by passively streaming high definition video on devices which I had previously configured to force a lower bit rate and had no reason to believe that the configuration was changed.

My complaint is that updates should not reset any settings back to factory defaults, or should at least warn or announce that settings will be or have been changed back to defaults.

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Re: Roku update caused manual bit rate configuration to switch back to automatic without telling me

Somebody please correct me if the following is wrong.

Despite what you thought, and what appears to be the case based on the Roku hidden menu, that setting is ignored by most popular channels/apps because they set their own bitrate consumption to give the best picture quality based on the internet speed available.

As far as I know, except for Netflix where you can set a specific bitrate in your Netflix account profile, the only way you can limit the data used by a Roku for most channels/apps is by setting your router to only allow a certain speed to your Roku.

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Re: Roku update caused manual bit rate configuration to switch back to automatic without telling me

Yes, Roku has said for years that that setting on that hidden screen was for development testing and has no effect on many or most channels.  I would suspect other causes for the mysterious one-day usage – backup program resyncing, stuck update, malware, etc.  I've heard there are games where an update can be over 100GB.  Even if you were using channel(s) where it happens to work, Roku has disclaimed any support for it.

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