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Roku preferring 2.4 GHZ on Orbi

I have a Streaming Stick+ and for some reason it wants to stay on 2.4 GHZ instead of 5 GHZ.  I use Orbi.  The Roku speed is often fine (15-50 MBPS) but every once in a while it declines significantly.  This causes buffering, which gets very annoying.  I live in the city and 2.4 GHZ seems to be overcrowded - this has happened with other 2.4 GHZ devices too.  My TV happens to have wireless built into it, and I have a Nest Hello directly through the wall behind the TV.  Both devices are always on 5 GHZ and they work great.  I've searched for ways to force Roku to stay on 5 GHZ and have even looked into splitting my SSIDs in Orbi so I have two networks, but apparently that's not an option (seems like mesh networks prefer one SSID so the device can land on whichever band is working best at that time).  The algorithm seems to be broken in this case and it's very frustrating.  Any guidance would be appreciated!  PS: I know other users have had similar challenges so hoping Roku takes notice and implements a solution.

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Re: Roku preferring 2.4 GHZ on Orbi

Switch to Amazon Fire stick.  I had heard Roku was best so I bought 2 premieres last year. They are so slow and constantly buffering on my netgear Orbi mesh. Amazon works great with Orbi. I tested both Roku and Amazon on same TV with same Orbi network. Amazon way better. About ready to TRASH ROKU and forget I ever heard of them.  No answers ever come from Roku on this stuff