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Roku not working- shows "no signal" on tv.

Was watching TV with my Roku. Dusting the entertainment center and accidentally unplugged Roku. Plugged it back in and now the only thing that shows is "no signal" on the TV. That was the only cord unplugged. Wifi is working. I've switched to the antenna and the TV is working. Switched back to HDMI 2 and my Roku still won't come on. The white light on the Roku is lit. I don't have a reset button on it. What could possibly be wrong? Thanks!

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Re: Roku not working- shows "no signal" on tv.

If you havent gotten it working yet, try unplugging it again at power.  Reinsert the HDMI cable at both the Roku and TV.  Then plug it back in and see if reboots.  You may have to throw a reboot in at the router also.  Make sure you have the correct HDMI selected if you have multiple HDMI (try different ports or toggle the TV remote).  Sounds silly, but you sure HDMI2 is the Roku, not HDMI 1 or HDMI3?


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