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Roku not working on a network where everything else is. Was good for a year.

Out of nowhere my Roku now doesn’t function correctly. I’ve gone through all of the “steps” suggested to correct this issue but When trying to reach support it just sends you to this forum. Very lazy Roku. My Internet speed is well over 200 on the DL and every other device used on the network is functioning properly. The Roku, however, has not stopped working on most apps and the ones that it still works has a very slow load time for the content and IF I’m able to get something to play the resolution is worse than an old tv with an antennae. 

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Re: Roku not working on a network where everything else is. Was good for a year.

You didnt mention your Roku model # and firmware version: Settings/System/About

The forums and support articles are your resource - "Agent-Assisted" support is model-restricted (you have to have a higher end model/Roku TV to be eligible):

If you have a model 3920 I suggest warranty replacement (if eligible) or replacement: 

Otherwise, start with the requested information and some information your network (ISP, modem/router/gateway brand/model, etc)


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