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Roku not showing hotel prompt

I connected the Roku to the guest network in the hotel but it never prompted hotel network
to enter credentials. I read the forums about getting an additional router and using the MAC address and it just doesn’t make any sense to do all these things that is why I bought this expensive stick . Something must be wrong with the timing . I am staying at a Marriott but that shouldn’t make a difference. Yes I reset and restarted the stick but it still doesn’t work . The software is up-to-date I did that at home before I came to the hotel . What am I missing? Roku has crummy software or bugs?

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Re: Roku not showing hotel prompt

I stayed at a Marriott late last year, and their WiFi never asked my to authenticate. I was just connected, without an issue. I was thinking I was on such a high floor that no one that was outside the building you connect to it, so they didn't require authentication. Were you actually able to connect to anything? Also, look in the Settings/System/Advanced System Settings/Device Connect. That has to be enabled or the Hotel prompt won't appear. 
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Re: Roku not showing hotel prompt

Hi there! 

Thanks for the note here. Have you tried taking a look here in our Support resources and following the steps to help get connected?

Keep us posted if you're still running into an issue from there. 

Tanner D.
Roku Community Manager
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