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Roku not connecting to the internet

I first contacted my cable company they reset my modem made sure my Internet is definitely working. I then spent an hour on YouTube doing all the troubleshooting.  I did the home (5times) thing and disabled the Ping thing.   Any other suggestions

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Re: Roku not connecting to the internet

I'm having the same problem. I noticed that the device had an automatic update yesterday (5/22/20) when I wasn't even streaming anything, and when I went to stream, I could not get an internet connection. I am not going to reset my modem as it will totally screw up everything. Very disappointed that I cannot use this Roku device that is not even 1 year old. I have tried everything. 

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Level 7

Re: Roku not connecting to the internet

I have the same issue. 

I just purchased a new Roku Premier for our bedroom and tried all the possible solutions. When I connect to the wifi signal quality is excellent but the connection speed is shown as poor (1 or 0 Mbps).

I was using an old version of Amazon fire TV stick and had no problem with the wifi in that location. I tried other channels for the wifi and no improvement. I even moved the Roku to the other room right next to the Router but still have the same issue! The software is updated to the most recent version. 

what surprised me was that when I tried my phone hotspot the Roku connected successfully and connection speed was much better (20 Mbps). I have a high speed internet at my place and the Router is one of the latest versions (I did a speed test and  the download speed was 50Mbps).

I am really disappointed with the Roku performance and will return it if I cannot find a solution. 

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