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Roku issues

Can someone help me troubleshoot please? Device is a steaming stick. A couple months old. TV is Samsung Smart TV

1. Roku remote doesn’t work unless very close to Roku (within 2 ft) but this isn’t always the case. About 25% of the time remote works fine

2. Roku frequently loses connection.

Things I have already done/tried:
Replaced batteries. Remote batteries at 88% in hidden menu.

I have an HDMI extender. Same issues with and without.

I Updated firmware

Put wireless extender right next to Roku (a couple feet). Testing Wifi in the room is over 200mb download. Internet is very good in this spot.

Other things to note in hidden menu. In wireless secret menu I will have signal strength of around 30, and then zero for a couple seconds and then back to 30. Also glitches per second go to like 600+

Any help appreciated, about to give up on this thing.

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Re: Roku issues

Try another wifi channel in your router, do not use auto channel.
Roku Ultra 4640R, Roku Streaming Stick+ 3810R
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