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Roku isn’t connecting to my remote and app

I’ve resetting my roku, I’ve tried factory reset and still nothing! 
I even tried to manually connect and still nothing. I don’t know what to do. 

my remote and app doesn’t work. On my app it says “error” I don’t know why. 

I have been away all 2 weeks and I normally turn everything off but this time it’s not working, I have the up to date roku too. It’s the roku streaming stick.

Now it won’t connect to my roku but it’s working fine on my other devices. 
i seriously don’t know what to do. 

strangly enough, the power and the volume buttons work but when trying to go and up down, nothing. Even pressing okay, nothing. 
I really don’t know what to do 

error code is 014.30 even tho I have fibre optic and the tv is in the same room as my internet. 

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Re: Roku isn’t connecting to my remote and app

@Stephanie2020 , can you move around the screen on the Roku? Is your internet showing connected when you’re in the Roku app?

Most of us haven’t even been able to connect to our wifi but someone else gave me a fix and I posted it for the community. This was because the PM and “fixes” given by Roku in the forums are BS and not working.


try what I posted as a fix and post back and I will see if I can fix your issue.


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