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Roku express not staying connected to internet

I’ve had my Roku for several months, the past 2 months it keeps saying it’s not connected to the internet. All other devices in my home works, I even have a Roku tv and I never have an issue with it. It’s about every 5-10 minutes I get an error message saying there is no internet connection. I’ve done factory resets, went through the settings and reset, unplugged and plugged back in. I’ve tried everything, I noticed there was no agent support available and this is my last resort. 

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Re: Roku express not staying connected to internet

I've recently noticed that my 2018 Express+ won't connect to the Internet (at least it says it's not connected when it really is) unless I have "Enable 'Device connect'" selected under Settings->System->Advanced system settings->Device connect.  Seems like it should have nothing to do with the Internet connection, but there you go...

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