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Roku disconnects constantly?

I have tried two different Roku devices now, the express and the premier, and they both do the same thing. They will randomly disconnect from the internet for anywhere from a few seconds to upwards of a minute. No other device on my WiFi is losing signal. My speed test shows consistently over 65 mbps and yet it happens over and over. I’ve tried looking online at solutions and had no help. One says move the Roku closer and that didn’t help. My Roku is LITERALLY less than 3 feet from the router. Then, there was a thing that says to make sure the TV isn’t between the Roku and the router, so I move the Roku 3 inches from the router and it still happened. I have used three different routers and two three different modems. The Roku is the only device that still doesn’t work. This is beyond frustrating. I’m about to decide that Roku products are just garbage and making sure to tell my friends to avoid them like the plague.

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