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Roku devices the only things not connecting to the internet

I have 2 roku streaming sticks in my house with At&T Uverse internet and a nighthawk mesh router. Both devices connected fine to the internet until about a month ago, when they started disconnecting randomly. Now they say they can't connect to the internet at all, even when plugged in right next to the router. They'll connect to our mobile hotspots but that's obviously a lot of data we can't spend. We've tested out internet and our speeds are amazing. We tried changing the internet channels and we've done all of the suggestions I've found on the forums, but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this experience?? I've emailed support but I thought I'd open it up here

To be honest, we've had these less than a year, and these are literally the only devices in the house that don't connect to the internet. At this point, after everything, I feel like it's a hardware issue. At less than a year old, I expect this to either be resolved, or to get new hardware because this is ridiculous.

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Re: Roku devices the only things not connecting to the internet

We have three ROKU Premier+ boxes on each of our 3 tv's working fine for several years until today.  All other devices in our home continue to work just fine.  Find it hard to believe that it is an equipment problem since it is 3 of them.  Wonder if ROKU pushed out some update which has caused this issue or if ATT has done something to block ROKU boxes from connecting to UVERSE internet.  

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