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Roku devices CONSTANTLY getting disconnected from internet

For the last few weeks, all of my Roku devices have randomly disconnected from the internet at once at least 2-3 times a week, and at random times of the day (even mid afternoon). I have them skewed throughout the house on different Tv’s, and even set up a WiFi extender. The odd thing is that none of my other devices (laptop, 2 phones) are affected by the loss of service. The only remedy is to keep rebooting the modem, but I don’t think it’s necessary to power cycle the modem constantly. It’s getting ridiculous. Should I swap out the modem (it’s a Panoramic through Cox) for a new one?

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Re: Roku devices CONSTANTLY getting disconnected from internet

i am having the same type of problem and since it only started around the first of the year i suspect we have a roku software issue. usually i could get it working by unplugging my TV and waiting a minute or so but today that wont work. It tells me I have poor download speed but a speed check shows i have like 400mbps download speed. i contacted the TV maker sanyo and after doing a factory reset they said its a Roku issue. How do we get Roku to address this problem?

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