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Roku communication on TCP port 2350?

I noticed my Roku devices attempting to reach out to some AWS hosts on TCP port 2350.

Watching DNS didn't show any request that resolved to the particular IP that it connected to. I couldn't find any documentation about it

I do egress filtering on my IoT devices so I'd like to understand if this is needed and ideally what it's for before I allow it.
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Re: Roku communication on TCP port 2350?

AWS - Amazon Web Services for cloud storage and web hosting and probably other things.

My guess is that it is to download picture that you can see on Roku home screen on the right side.
In plain English - advertisement and probably tracking of what you watch and your habits so data can be reported to NSA, CIA, FBI, and KGB. Smiley LOL

For a few weeks I was using  AdGuard DNS and picture on my Roku home screen disappeared. Then I switched back to my ISP DNS and picture came back.
Would you mind sharing DNS of those AWS hosts so I can add them to my HOSTS file, please?
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Re: Roku communication on TCP port 2350?

tcp xx.xx.xx:36614 ESTABLISHED

You don't need my lan subnet but this is what I see when I run netstat on the router itself.  Please report back the results of blocking this IP.  If it causes no problem I will do the same.  I don't want to piss off my wife lol.

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Re: Roku communication on TCP port 2350?

When I upgraded to a hardware firewall that was blocking all by default, I discovered this traffic.  My Roku devices are trying to communicate over port 2350 about once every 5 seconds.  Its a lot of garbage traffic.  When this port is blocked, all the sidebar ads stopped.  I'm only left with a single "Smithonian" ad that no longer rotates, its just that static picture.

Here is a list of IPs and Hostnames that my firewall is blocking a TCPSmiley Frustrated (SYN) packet on port 2350:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

This is the last 1,000 blocked attempts, filtered for duplicates in excel.

While blocking this traffic, all channels and apps appear to be working fine.

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Re: Roku communication on TCP port 2350?

I see this same traffic coming from my Roku Devices. I am going to create a rule to track and then block it, to make sure Roku is still working as expected. 

Thanks for the post, very helpful!!!

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