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Roku causing network problems.

I have a Roku 2 connected to my network via Ethernet. When it is just the Roku everything is fine. Whenever I am playing games on my computer and someone starts streaming, the connection to the computer drops to almost nothing. I've tried both wired and wireless. Same problem. Speedtest averages ~25Mbps up and ~3Mbps down. I also have a Chromecast which doesn't seem to cause any trouble. Any thoughts or suggestions?

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Re: Roku causing network problems.

You didnt mention your Roku model # or firmware version:  Settings/System/About

1)  You may have insufficient download speed due to:

       A) The plan itself- you may need a higher speed tier (you didnt mention what ISP/speed tier you have)

       B) Modem/router/gateway (mis)configuration or outdatedness - you may need to reconfigure or replace these devices.

2)  Try restarting/rebooting all devices and see if the issue immediately happens (test it by streaming on the Roku and gaming on the PC) - if it doesnt, that suggests a memory leak on your modem/router/gateway - they may need to have their firmware updated, or otherwise replace them.


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