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Re: Roku and 5g

"Hey2019" wrote:
Can someone anyone please tell me weather or not a Roku Express can be hooked to Wi-Fi land line or no? I bought this 2 or 3 yrs back never used it but now that i need it I'm discovering that I'm behide on upgrades models. Before I just give up on the one i have I was wondering if anyone knew of some sort of converter that will convert Ethernet cable to HDMI and then how would I get roku also connected to my tv? Wow its a little confusing. There is no Ethernet cable port in back of this roku, only HDMI and piwer cord.  Does Anyone know how i can get this thing wired directly to my,internet modem? Or if its even,possible.  I have searched Google and watched YouTube videos but never get a straight yes or no answer. I even tried reaching out roku support but its impossible to speak with live rep.
Thanks much guys.

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Re: Roku and 5g

Oh I'm sorry i missed your 1st sentence in your reply. I do have,a wireless router. Speeds of 400 whatever you call it lol ... I'm fairly new to all this wireless Wi-Fi and such. Thats why I'm having a little hard time i guess. Up till recently none of our devices acted so poorly on our Wi-Fi. So I never had to deal with these types of things .. Connecting any capable devices straight to modem is a better choice right? That's why I was wondering if some how connecting this roku i have to,modem also would solve ths buffering issues.
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