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Roku Wont Recognize Internet Connection

Ive had my Roku express for 2 months, no problems. I changed nothing to my setup, yet overnight, roku no longer registers my internet connection, or any possible wireless connections ( theres multiple connections in my building, surely it should register some of them?!). Ive done every reset combination imaginable, and my connection passes every speed test with high speed. Can someone help? 

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Re: Roku Wont Recognize Internet Connection

The same thing just started happening with my Roku 3. The Roku device is no longer recognizing any wired or wireless internet connections. I haven't changed any of my network settings, in fact the network connection in the Roku just stopped halfway through a movie.

I've restarted my router as well as the Roku device.

My internet connection is fine, and I still have all my other wired and mobile devices connected without any issues.

Could this be an issue on Roku's server?

EDIT: I was able to fix my issue using the solution found here. The trick was toggle "Disable Network Pings" from Roku's secret menu, then reboot the Roku device. Then it recognized the wired connection again. ... 28036#M832
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