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Roku Ultra

I have a Roku Ultra, the DLNA will not pick up my network, I have a netgear nighthawk with usb hard drive attached. When I load the DLNA Roku media player, I just get screen saying I need to connect to server or something, help feature is no help at all. I tried resetting roku player but no luck. I have no issue with any computer/phone or Firetv picking up network, just roku will not see it. any ideas?

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Level 20

Re: Roku Ultra

Restart the Roku and/or Router-based DLNA server, try again.

Verify your UPnP/DLNA Server advertisement period settings - decrease it if necessary

Sometimes RMP can take up to 3 minutes to detect a UPnP/DLNA server.

Otherwise, contact Roku support directly:

Chat or email:   (choose setup/ultra/other/need more help?)


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