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Roku Ultra won't connect via Wired connection?

I've seen other threads on this topic but they're all locked and I can't ask questions or follow-up. I just got a Roku Ultra player and I'm trying to get the best experience I can so I'm trying to use a Wired connection. I've tried various cables and varying ethernet ports on my router but no matter what, the Roku will not find a connection. I've tried using the cable and the port that I have another device plugged into -- that device works with the setup, the Roku does not. If I switch the player to using a wireless connection - everything's fine. It just will not use a wired connection - which is what I want to set up. Advice please!

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Re: Roku Ultra won't connect via Wired connection?

Once you plug in the ethernet cable, have you told the Roku to use that connection? Go to the Network options on the Settings menu and select "Set up connection" followed by "Wired." If you're plugged in to the right place then the Roku should pick up and start using the wired connection.

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Re: Roku Ultra won't connect via Wired connection?


I've received my Roku Ultra and when I'm trying to set up the wired connection, I keep getting the error code 012. Rebooted six or seven times.
Should I try another Ethernet cable? What else can I try?




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