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Re: Roku Ultra won't connect via Wired connection

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Okay, that's interesting. Many times, the modem will identify itself with a particular device, most commonly a router or switch (most routers are also switches). If your ISP does this, then you can't switch out devices easily. A switch or wireless router connected to a modem prevents this problem.

Now, this may not be what's going on. Can you connect a different device to your Ethernet cable that's running from your modem? Say, a laptop?

If a different device can be used without issue, then this is not what's going on. However, if no other device can connect properly using the Ethernet cable from the modem, then this may be the issue. If so, you'll need to work with your ISP about this. And, if this is the issue, I'd suggest getting an inexpensive switch (around $20), or an inexpensive wireless router (with switch, around $35).

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