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Roku Ultra Wired connection errors after power outage and router replacement

I have a Roku Ultra 4800X Software 10.00 Build 4209-C2 that until yesterday was using a wired connection to an Archer C9 router with no problems. Yesterday we had a small thunderstorm and power outage. Something in the outage fried my Archer but I happened to have a "new in box" Linksys EA6350 (AC1200+). Everything connected just fine except the Roku Ultra. At first, I got the "Cannot detect Ethernet cable" error and the portlight at the router did not light up. I tested the cable and it's ok, but I went ahead and replaced it anyway. Upon initially connecting the brand new cable, the portlight lit up and it got a little further on in the process, but then the Error 013.50 popped up. I restarted everything and now I am back to Error 012 "Cannot detect Ethernet cable." 

I'm at a loss here. I have no idea what is going on or how to fix it. I can connect with WiFi just fine, but that is not my preferred connection.

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Re: Roku Ultra Wired connection errors after power outage and router replacement

Try the network connection reset:  Settings/System/Advanced system settings/Network connection reset

..and see if that makes a difference.\

Otherwise, you can try a factory reset (same location), and beyond that you may have to get a new device (assuming the ethernet port/IC is fried).

(You might also try powering it off completely for 10-15 minutes and trying again, before you do the factory reset)

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