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Roku Ultra Wired Network Problems for Roku YouTube TV Channel/app??

I have two Roku Ultra devices in my home, purchased specifically to be able to use wired networking. Am using YouTube TV for streaming TV programming. With either device, when configured for wired networking the Roku YouTube TV channel/app frequently goes into a buffering (spinning circle) mode and never comes out of it - I have to back out of YouTube TV and start over. Very frustrating experience. I have found that by disconnecting the wired network Ethernet cable and configuring the Roku boxes to use WiFi networking the buffering problem no longer occurs. Please note that I have excellent 300Mbps Internet connectivity. With wired networking, a "Check connection" test shows a download speed of 88Mbps (on both Roku Ultras). With WiFi, a "Check connection" test shows a download speed of 108Mbps. I only get the buffering problem with Roku YouTube TV channel, no other channels/apps have this buffering problem. So there must be some sort of problem in the Roku YouTube TV channel/app that causes it to be sensitive to the type of networking that is being used. I certainly have adequate bandwidth in the box. While running, my home router reports an average of about 3 to 5 Mbps usage for a Roku YouTube TV stream. Hope somebody can fix the Roku YouTube TV app to cure the buffering problem. It would also be nice to have the YouTube TV app resume playback from the previously played location.

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