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Roku Ultra Wire connection problem

Got a Roku Ultra, with update 9.2.0.  Lately the network wire connection is unreliable. It make an initial connection but within a minute, it fails and it work connect. I checked router and cable and OK.  I can connect with WIFI without any problems, the problem I need to use wire since it is a the end of the hose and wifi is unreliable.   Do i need to send this pro replacement or need to wait for a firmware fix.   I read a lot of this subject and looks like is us comment on the Ruku Ultra.

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Re: Roku Ultra Wire connection problem

@Two2  Thanks for the note. A couple quick questions here.

- Have you tried replacing the ethernet cable you are using?

- Are you connected directly to your internet modem or to a separate router? If you haven't already, try connecting directly to a modem. 

- Has your ethernet port been damaged in any way? 

If your wireless connection is working properly, I'd recommend starting by replacing the ethernet cable in use and see if this clears up the issue. 




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