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Roku Ultra Connection Speeds

I've been having some issues with my Roku Ultra recently running version 9.3 build 4194. I've tried both wired and wireless connections using my Linksys Velop mesh network.

Over the last month or so I've begun noticing a massive amount of buffering and what appears to be network issues off of the Roku Ultra, while all other network devices are operating smoothly. The ultra is consistently showing speeds at around 3-4 mb/s while all other devices are showing around 150-200 mb/s download speeds (ranges for all devices include both wired and wireless). Even the PS4 shows around 40 mb/s whether it's wired or wireless and they notoriously run low. Finally, I cracked last night and swapped out the Roku Ultra for an old Roku 3 I had in my bedroom and put it into my living room. With the Roku 3 the wired speeds are around 35 mb/s and the wireless speeds are at 20 mb/s and there's no buffering issues like I've been experiencing on the ultra with the 3 literally sitting ontop of the ultra and plugged into the exact same ethernet cable.

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