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Roku TV won't connect to my internet but connects to my hotspot

I have a 55" Hisense Roku TV.  I just moved and started having issues with it connecting to the internet.  It worked for about 1 hr the first day I move and then just disconnected.  Every single device in my household can connect to our wifi except my TV.  However, the TV can connect to my phone hotspot just fine.  The TV detects my SSID but when I go to connect it says "Unable to connect to wireless network".

I have tried a factory reset on the TV and then updated the software through my hotspot. No luck.  I have unplugged and also restarted the TV.  I have called my internet company.  Reset and unplugged router.  They blamed the TV.  I have called Hisense. No luck.  They blamed the internet.  I have even moved my TV directly next to the router for strongest signal. No luck.

I gave up on wireless and got an ethernet cable.  It says "Cannot detect Ethernet cable".  Now, this one i have not checked to make sure the wall jack is working.

I am so frustrated.  It was working and then in the middle of my show, it says disconnected and haven't been able to connect ever since.....PLEASE HELP


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Re: Roku TV won't connect to my internet but connects to my hotspot

Exact same issue here. Roku 50" TV. First day using it. Very frustrated.

All of the below did not work, and yet the TV can connect to my phone hot spot. Using a CenturyLink C844G.

  • tried resetting, re-plugging, restarting, etc.
  • tried multiple ethernet chords, and ports (all work on other devices)
  • tried wifi with 2.4GHz and 5GHz
  • tried multiple SSID configurations (even throttled with no security)
  • tried Application forwarding
  • added tv to MAC Authentication Device List
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