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Roku TV unresponsive to all forms of remotes as well as WIFI.

The original remote to my Roku TV no longer works due to water damage and the TV is no longer connected to the internet since I recently switched ISP's. 

My Roku TV consistently blinks twice forever. And none of the remotes are working.

I have changed the SSID and the Password of a WIFI extender to the exact info of the WIFI that my Roku was originally connected to before I switched ISP's. When I changed all of this, I put my phone on the extender and I went on the Roku app and connected to the Roku TV it had discovered but when I pressed the buttons in the app, nothing happened. The TV is unresponsive to the App. Not only does the extender I reconfigured run on the same signal frequency as the last one but it even has the same Network Security Algorithm as the last (WPA2). If that is not enough info, I even went into the control panel of the WIFI and found the Roku TV in the list of connected devices as well as the phone I was trying to use. Obviously the TV is connected, but it just wont respond at all to the app nor any other Roku app I tried. 

I had also tried running a hotspot from my PC beforehand but the same thing happened with that as well. I connected the TV and phone but they didn't work. ( also the hotspot WIFI could not have been interfering with the WIFI extender since after I failed trying use the hotspot, I turned it off. The hotspot and WIFI extender were never online at the same time so the SSID's could not have overlapped or anything like that ).

also I tried using a second remote from a different Roku TV but the remote never worked. 

If Roku never even added a physical button on the TV that can navigate the menus nor did they even add an ethernet port, How am I supposed to connect this thing to my new internet?

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Re: Roku TV unresponsive to all forms of remotes as well as WIFI.

The answer to your last question is to get a remote.  Since it appears connected to the network I'm not sure why the app doesn't work, although Wi-Fi extenders can be problematic.  How computer savvy are you?  You could try to telnet to it (from the same network).  You'd have to find the assigned IP address from the router and then:

telnet <Roku IP> 8080

You can send remote buttons with the "press" command.

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