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Roku Streaming Stick+ light flashing, can't connect, can't setup

Got the streaming stick+ on Wednesday. Installed it, everything seemed to work fine. Later that day? Remote isn't working. I reset, and then the bloody streaming stick won't connect either. It just gets stuck at the pairing screen forever. The led light flashes, and every time I reset it, the light stays on for about 10 seconds, and then the flashing begins. 

I read on here (or somewhere) that either disabling your wifi password or changing the channel on your router will fix it. I did both, and one of them worked. 

Until this morning that is. Same problem, and I've reset my wifi to factory defaults and redone my networks, and it STILL won't work. And my ancient Roku 3 works fine, so it's not my wifi. 

Any ideas? 

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Re: Roku Streaming Stick+ light flashing, can't connect, can't setup

Mine flashes red when its connected to the TVs USB output for power, are you using the included power adaptor, or a usb port on the TV ( or other device)?
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