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Roku Streambar stuck in recovery mode?

Purchased a new Roku Streambar and after the first update connecting to the home wireless network which is a verified good connection, upon restart the Streambar went into recovery mode and will not exit even after showing 100% update. It is now in an infinite recovery mode loop.  I have tried with my iPhone hotspot and moving the device close to the router. Same result. I have been reading on the boards that this is a known issue that other users are experiencing. Roku needs to get this issue fixed ASAP and should have better QA before releasing this product. They have 24 hours to resolve or else I am done with this product. I have wasted too much time troubleshooting this issue.

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Level 7

Re: Roku Streambar stuck in recovery mode?

I’m having the same issue! I Can’t get mine past this screen and my Roku remote won’t even recognize it anymore



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