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Roku Stick refuses to let me connect to my dorm wifi, doesn't even pick up another possible network

I have had a very frustrating last 3 months trying to connect my roku stick to my college dorm wifi, and it has finally come to a head by me making this post.
I have been struggling with 2 completely unsolvable problems with my roku device.

1. One of my college wifi's (our schools wifi used for gaming and roku's specifically) will not even appear on the roku network list even though I know it is there, because my nintendo switch can connect to it just fine. I had connected to this wifi for over 3 months with the roku before it decided to forget that it even existed and just plain not show up anymore. I have no idea why it disappeared or how I could possibly get it back. No matter how much I scan, it never shows up.

2. My backup plan for this wifi not working (using a shadier network at our college called attwifi) does not give me enough time to use the dorm connect feature. It used to work decently enough, but then decided to be a massive pain, and has continued to not let me connect properly ever since. When I click on "I am at a hotel or college dorm" option, it gives me almost no time to connect to the network. I have to scramble to enter the password before it says I've connected. Unfortunately, the roku is a liar, because when it says I connected and I don't go through all the steps to confirm it the wifi on my iphone, it just pretends I'm connected but gives me no wifi. It is the most frustrating technological bug I have ever experienced, and I am an engineering major.

Things I have tried:
-Scanning again for more networks
-Resetting Network settings
-Completely factory resetting my roku
-trying the connect to private networks feature
-using connectify to piggyback off of the wifi network off my laptop (experienced the same "just totally forgetting the wifi exists" bug as with the first problem)

I have exhaustively probed the internet for a solution to this problem to no avail. I am frustrated beyond belief and am tempted to just plain give up and return my roku, because there doesn't seem to be any point to having it if I cannot connect to wifi. Ethernet is not an option, as it is a roku stick.

I really hope you guys can help me. It feels a lot like the coding of my roku is just out to get me and I would appreciate feeling like someone here understands or at least hears this problem.

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Re: Roku Stick refuses to let me connect to my dorm wifi, doesn't even pick up another possible network

bumping because I haven't gotten any sort of advice yet
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Re: Roku Stick refuses to let me connect to my dorm wifi, doesn't even pick up another possible network

My best guess is they switched the wifi to a channel that the Roku doesn't support.  Use an app like Wifi Analyzer to find what channels and channel width their wifi is running on.  Report back.
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