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Roku SE not finding wifi connection

I have tried restarting my router and the Roku device itself and it doesn't find my wifi name during setup. I've tried entering everything manually (SSID & Password) and still nothing. I have two other streaming devices (Sony Blu-ray streaming player & xfinitys streaming player) connected to the same tv with no issues & I have "excellent" signal strength on my phone while sitting infront of the tv trying to set it up so I know the signal strength isn't the issue. I bought a roku so I could use disney+ on my TV since my other players don't have it available and now I can't even use it.
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Level 7

Re: Roku SE not finding wifi connection

I have the same problem. Half the time the Roku doesn’t “see” my hotspot and even then will only occasionally connect to it - I get the green check for WiFi but not for internet.
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Re: Roku SE not finding wifi connection

You can test if the problem is the roku by taking it somewhere with wifi and testing it there. If it sees the networks, then I'd think your hotspot may be to blame.

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Re: Roku SE not finding wifi connection

@lnw5087 Thanks for reaching out. Based on the issue you described, it sounds like your wireless router may not be configured to broadcast a 2.4GHz wireless network. Roku Express, Roku SE, Roku HD, and Roku Premiere/+ (3920/3921) devices are only compatible with 2.4GHz wireless b/g/n networks. If you don't 'see' your wireless network when trying to connect, this is usually a good indication that your router may only be configured to broadcast a 5GHz wireless network. You'll need to contact your ISP or wireless router manufacturer and request that they assist you with changing your router's settings to ensure it is broadcasting a 2.4GHz network. Once they help you make this change, you should be able to get connected. 

Hope that helps get things back on track! 





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