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Roku Refuses to Admit service failures

Roku managers are refusing to admit or report its service outages.

For the past week, I have gotten only a blank screen when attempting to log in to my Roku account.

I can only assume that the Roku management refuses to admit their failure to appropriately manage their network and the capacity of their servers because whenever I attempt to report service outages, the Roku site refuses to acknowledge any outages or service failures.

Each time I experience these outages, I attempt to log in to my Roku account on one of my other Roku devices and every time I find that these devices also cannot provide service.

All of my other internet services are working.  Only Roku is failing.

In every instance, I have attempted to: (1) depower my Roku devices: (2) disconnect Roku from my TV receivers; (3) restart my internet service; as well as every other reasonable method to determine and rectify the cause.  In every case, nothing works.  However, many times I find Roku suddenly beginning to work again after several hours.  The only rational explanation is a failure of Roku's management and service technicians to properly engineer their service connection network or their server capacities.  In every case, my attempts to report their service failures are hidden from other Roku users by the corrupt and incompetent Roku managers and technicians.

I will never consider buying Roku stock because it is not worthwhile but not nearly as worthless as the Roku management and service technicians.

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