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Roku Premiere suddenly wont/struggles to connect to Wifi

I have a Roku Premiere in my bedroom and a Roku Express in my childrens room next door, as of Friday (19-06) my Premier suddenly dropped wifi signal after working fine for 6 months, I have tried the following:-

Unplug all cables from premiere and plugged back in

Restarted my router 

Changed wifi channel on my router

Factory reset the premiere

I now either get no signal at all or "poor" signal and lots of buffering, the Express in room next door which is technically further away from my router is showing "good" signal.

I have an ASUS RT-AC68U router and a Virgin Media 200mb fibre line and get fantastic wifi all over my house, was there a dodgy firmware update issued last week or does anyone else have anything else to try, as my Express box works fine I am assuming the issues is with the Premiere box

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Level 8

Re: Roku Premiere suddenly wont/struggles to connect to Wifi

41 views and not a single reply, how do you actually get any help with Roku box? Or better yet how do I get a refund and buy something else?

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Re: Roku Premiere suddenly wont/struggles to connect to Wifi

I found this post while trying to find the solution to my roku premiere issues as well. I have 2 roku premieres, both of which have connectivity issues. I also have a roku 3 which has worked great for several years. Both my premiers are on the 2.4 ghz band and the channel is set to automatically choose the best performing channel available. Roku needs to find a solution to this issue before they drive away their customer base.

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