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Roku Premiere bricked?

Roku Premiere that I’ve had for almost a year can no longer find the WiFi. Device has been in same place the entire duration without any issue until now. WiFi is not the issue but I restarted the router just in case. All devices in the house connect to WiFi just fine except the Roku Premiere. Even my original Roku1 that is in the garage and is furthest away from the router runs fine. I tried a factory reset on the premiere and it didn’t help.

I believe the device has bricked and I’d like to contact someone at Roku about getting a replacement device but there is no posted contact center that I could easily find. Any help would be appreciated.

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Re: Roku Premiere bricked?

Get your receipts together to prove date of purchase. Then try this page: 

Keep in mind that a Roku employee or other user may offer to help resolve. The usual cause has been ruled out by the Roku 1 connecting, so I'm not gonna suggest the normal things. In the same situation, I'd pursue a warranty replacement.

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Note: I am not a Roku employee.

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