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Roku Premiere and Ultra Slow Wireless Download Speeds

I was trying to be a cord cutter and got a Roku Premiere for our living room with an 8 year old Samsung TV.  The Samsung does not support live channels hulu.  I have a linksys velop 4 node mesh network setup and the main node is right behind the TV.  When I connected the Premiere, we could not watch disney +, Vudu, or Hulu without download challenges.  I did research and decided to try a few months later with a Roku Ultra, going withe the dual band.  I configured by 2.4 and 5.0 with different network names so the Ultra would connect via 5.0  I have AT&T gigabit, have run speed checks with various devices from various nodes and wired connections from nodes and modem.  Of course the best is 900+ Mbps at the modem wired, but still in the high 800+ Mbps on the wireless nodes on compatible laptops. 

The Roku Ultra wired gets 90+ Mbps on Ethernet, which I assume the Ethernet connection in the Ultra is 100 max.  What I still cannot figure is how do I only get between 10 and 35 Mbps on the wireless connection?  This is on both the Premiere (2.4) and the Ultra (5.0).  Yes, I have read the tips page.  No, I am not going out and buying a new router.  My ISP and Network are fine.  The occasional quarterly reset of modem and network but no biggie.   I have used channels 1, 6, and 11 on the 2.4.  I have tried channel finder.  Again, other devices do not have a challenge.  Are Roku's limited due to hardware wirelessly?  Am I chasing a ghost?  Any help, guidance would be greatly appreciated.



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Re: Roku Premiere and Ultra Slow Wireless Download Speeds

I have the same issue with a Roku Premier + unit.  Roku Support - what is the answer?