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Roku Premiere Now Has Poor Wireless Signal - Was not a problem in the past

I have had my Roku for about a year. The placement of my Roku and my router has not changed at all. I have always had good wireless signal for Roku as recently as 10 days ago. Now, my Roku says it has poor wireless strength. If I hold my phone next to the Roku, I have excellent wireless strength. There is about 24 feet distance between the two objects. Connection Test reports Error Code 017.0.

I have tried moving my router closer to Roku.

I have rebooted Roku and router multiple times.

I have done a factory reset on Roku.

I have enabled pinging on my Roku.

I have tried changing wireless channels and DNS addressing on the router.

I have pinged the Roku from my router: 4 packets sent, 4 received, 0 lost, 3 ms average trip time.

Internet speed test on my phone next to Roku: 46.7 Mbps up, 29.5 Mbps down.

ISP: Frontier who will not replace router unless there is a diagnosed problem with it. All of my tests indicate the router appears fine.

Roku Model: 3920RW

Roku Serial: YH002X841924

Device ID: JF2892841924

Software 9.4.0 Build 19

If my router can send info back and forth, and the Roku factory reset setup can add new channels to Roku, and other wireless devices next to the Roku can connect to the network, why does the Roku report a poor wireless signal (just the dot) and how can I fix the problem?

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