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Re: Roku Premiere - Internet Network Troubleshooting

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I'm glad to see somebody else having issues with the new Premiere.  I bought one yesterday on sale, not realizing it's the Roku Premiere (3920 series) instead of the older, better one.  I have two Streaming Sticks (both Roku Streaming Stick (3800 series) ) and they reliably get 30-40 Mbps in the Settings menu connection test.  The same test with the Premiere won't get over 6-7 Mbps.  (The result page says my wireless signal is "Excellent," but other devices on the same 2.4Ghz band can get 50Mbps+ in speed tests.)

Maybe my router just handles 802.11n clients particularly poorly -- who the **bleep** doesn't ship with 802.11ac in 2020? -- but I think this one has to go back to the shop.  This was the wrong corner to cut, Roku.

ETA: just remembered that one of the 3800s is on a 720p TV, so I can swap the Premiere with that and maybe it will just about keep up.  I can't begin to imagine how they'd dare to put a "4K" label on this thing, though.

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