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Roku Premiere COULD find specific Wifi Network - now cannot

I know this is similar to other topics, but I have a weird wrinkle.

I have an express that works perfectly fine - it's just that it can't get Peacock network, so I got a Premiere.

I went through the same thing I go through with literally every Roku device: initial setup results in the setup/update loop. I was initially able to see my home wifi network listed among all the others just fine, but putting the Roku onto that - even when it was literally right next to the modem/router - would still result in the loop.

So I set the Roku to my phone's wifi hotspot as prior help topics noted, and I finally got it to set up. Now comes the part when I go to find my wifi... and it's not listed. Every other network is visible as before, but now my home one is not.

Additional details:

* I have soft reset several times.

* I factory reset and went through the same loop, and once again went through the process of using my hotspot to set it up.

* I have turned the power off/left unplugged for several hours.

* I have cycled the wireless connection many times, with no impact. 

* SSID is turned ON for my network.

* My network does not require a MAC address to log in.

* To re-iterate, upon initial startup (pre update loop purgatory) my network is visible and the roku CAN connect to it initially, it just cannot after the initial login/connect confirmation/update before it hops into that neverending loop where it either can't find my wireless or just repeats the update cycle.

* My router runs on 2.4ghz and 5.0ghz; I have it set to dual precisely because a lot of older devices (like Rokus!) seem to throw a fit if there's no 2.4ghz showing up.


What am I missing here? It's super, super, super frustrating to go through all of this just for one lousy network. I wish that I didn't go through this every time I try to buy a new Roku product (and it's not my network each time; the update happens to me with every Roku product I ever purchase, including all the ones I bought and set up for my family at their respective homes). Rokus work better than Chromecast, but at least Chromecast has never put me through this much misery when I've dealt with it. I'm about to give up on the product here.

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Re: Roku Premiere COULD find specific Wifi Network - now cannot

Both your Express and the Premiere will only operate on the 2.4ghz band of a network (these are single-band devices) and need to have the 2.4ghz enabled and broadcasting (as you indicated it is in your post).

First, verify in your router's 2.4ghz Wireless Settings that you have a channel assigned between 1 and 11 and that your Bandwidth is set to 20mhz. (sometimes these devices have difficulty connecting at 40mhz).

Since you are able to connect with hotspot (presumably, again on the 2.4ghz), see if the options below help you...

1. Settings...System...Advanced System Settings...Network Connection Reset..Reset Network Connection

After your Premiere restarts, navigate to Settings..Network..Set Up Connection.. Wireless... (If you don't see yours, press "Scan Again..." a few times to see if it refreshes.

2. If not, from the Set Up Connection...Wireless menu again, choose Private Network and enter your 2.4ghz SSID details and password and see if that allows you to connect. 

Post back with any updates and your router model. May be router specific issue that may be helpful in further troubleshooting.

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Re: Roku Premiere COULD find specific Wifi Network - now cannot

Assuming your router really is using the 2.4 GHz band, and that it is not using channels above 11 in that band....

This has always worked for me when I have wifi connection problems:

  • Restart your router (even if other devices have no problem finding and connecting).
  • Restart the Roku to clear its memory via Settings > System > System restart (for a Roku TV it's Settings > System > Power > System restart), or by pulling its power plug for a few seconds and plugging it back in. Again sometimes that's all it takes, if not keep going.
  • Find and connect to your network via Settings> Network > Set up connection



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