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Re: Roku Premiere won't connect to WiFi


Cox routers support a/b/g/n protocols.  If you cannot edit your 2.4ghz settings to enable b/g/n, then you call Cox back and tell them you need to have b/g/n enabled. (It is not a request- they cannot tell you that you cannot have protocol b enabled).   

In the alternative, you can purchase a newer Roku device that is dual band (operates on either 2.4ghz or 5ghz band), like the Roku Express 4k/4k+ or Streaming Sticks 4k/4k+.  Then you can use your 5ghz band rather than the 2.4ghz band.

The other alternative is to purchase another router and use "in addition to", or "in place of", the router Cox provided you that you can fully control yourself regarding settings.  You can always just throw their managed router back at them if they continue ro refuse to change the settings and go with your own router.  Again, call them back.  Like most places, the second representative you speak to will probably have no problems making the changes for you.

Then there is the failsafe.  Unplug all your equipment.  Call Cox, tell them nothing is working.  Then when the field tech gets there, tell him/her to make the changes you want regarding the b/g/n setting.  

Not sure what your other Roku models are since not listed/provided so still can't tell if this is a 2.4ghz band problem or a device issue.

Feel free to post back with an update or if you need more help.

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Re: Roku Premiere 3920X won't connect to WiFi

I need to speak to a Roku represent very important soon as you get this text could you call me my number is 843-597-69 12 thank you

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